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Maddy’s sensitivity and her look through the lens
immortalized our strongest moments.
She knew how to capture the emotion of moments,
and the feelings associated with it.
Every immersion in the album
is an opportunity to generate smiles,
beautiful memories, and tears of joy ...
— Gaelle & Renald
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 When we started our business in 2011, we were looking for a way to bring something new to our brides; an experience beyond just taking photographs on the day of the wedding.
Our passion for photography, specifically wedding photography, helps us records the emotions and the magic experienced before, during and after the big day. Someone who understands the long-term value of your wedding event must record these precious instants of life. 
This is why we created a
unique concept made to measure, to fulfill your needs. More than photography sessions, it's an extraordinary human experience that you will live with someone who will become much more than your photographer!
Memories through images, visuals anecdotes in every moment, will transport you much further during this special day.
Welcome to your creative adventure, let yourself go, you will love it ...

There is no word to describe what Maddy did for us.
She was more than a photographer.
She was able to relax in a few minutes to make our photos,
and now we are totally addict!
— Amandine & Romain
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