WEDDING - PARIS, Domaine de la Butte Ronde

They made the road to say YES to Paris, my lovers. Because it is from Dubai that their plane arrived, direction the Church then the Domaine de la Butte Ronde. I had the pleasure of meeting them at the base for a simple reason of the bride « I was looking for photographers who had already worked at La Butte Ronde, and I saw your pictures ». I meet her in Paris, it is the blow of heart. I get to know her darling with a few hours of jet lag, and the adventure begins.
Some skyper later, a nice session on the seine docks in winter, and already, the date is approaching …
I find Anne-Sophie, all smiles, my assistant goes to Pierre-Arthur, and it is with great emotion that the two meet in the Church.
A big hat to the guests, all adorable and loving and very respectful during the ceremony (it is rare rarely to be reported!). So we passed at least as much as they did a cocktail between laughter and good humor, to do our group photos under the sunset on this magical place that is the Domaine de la Butte Ronde where I had already had the pleasure To immortalize lovers last year.
The evening passed in a beat of lash, too fast, but I keep the image of my lovers, smile to my lips, taking advantage of this moment of celebration. The first dance was beautiful, and God knows it was one of their fear, but the level was there! And while the party is in full swing, I leave them against heart, ending as always this day with a few words « It is not finished ». And yes, I find them in Dubai soon for their session after marriage!

mariage paris, domaine de la butte ronde, wedding
Maddy Christina