AMAZING WEDDING PORTUGAL - At the edge of a cliff

There are sometimes these encounters that remain engraved forever, and my meeting with Aurélie and Timothée is one of them. Both live in France, in Tours, and have decided to marry in Portugal, on the edge of the Algarve cliffs.
A Skype and a thunderbolt later, here I am embarked on their side for this crazy adventure. And what to say! Is it necessary to talk about their wedding, beautiful, on the edge of a cliff worthy of a movie? Or the emotion that has overwhelmed us all at one time or another? The images speak for themselves. I would rather talk about these two extraordinary people that this marriage allowed me to meet. Because these two are today more than my "married", they are friends that I enjoy seeing every time they come to visit me. The job of wedding photographer is already magical. And every meeting like this just makes it extraordinary!

Venues: Memmo Baleeira
Dress: Christophe Alexandre Docquin
Suit: Samson
Shoes: JM Le Gazel
Band: The originals Algarve
Flowers: Florista Céu

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