WELCOME Mon Boudoir Chéri


It must be said that I thought about it for a long time. I already have the pleasure to immortalize my young future brides in on underwear of the big day during boudoir session of the bride. And I admit that I love these sessions. Very soft, velvety, never vulgar but delicate ... I like so work the psychology of the woman to make her feel beautiful, the light so that it is the most flattering, the pose to sublimate, that I decided to devote more time, and especially to open this possibility to all women. From there was born My Darling Boudoir. Between Paris and Monaco initially and in essence, but possible everywhere, these sessions are above all a cry of the heart to say YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! A moment of complicity with Madame, to laugh, to relax, to become gradually comfortable enough to dare. Dare to just accept the fact that the lens is an ally, and the photographer made tips. All these sessions are done in silver, giving a smooth and feminine unequaled. Always accompanied by some flowers, it also helps to give a capacity.
To have fun living there, or on a tourist trip to keep a memory of the city, do not hesitate to afford a moment to be, under the watchful eye of my goal!

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