It is a very touching session commitment that I had the pleasure to realize in Paris with my lovers! Touchante, because they already, simply, are adorable and touching, the story and the journey that makes you rise the little tear … And then also, she, all timid, all uncomfortable with the  » objective, and who ends the session to take poses fashion in the middle of the garden of the Louvre, what a beautiful revelation! We therefore pace the streets of Paris, passing through the must-sees of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre … But with an unheard of luck! Indeed, it was supposed to be a horrible time, to the point that we had planned the colored umbrella. And surprise, the sun was at the rendezvous! Definitely, I think I’m lucky when it comes to our lovers! Now, there is only to wait until September 8, that they say YES for life!

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