WEDDING SESSION - ICELAND, Reykjavik & everywhere

I had the immense chance to be their photographer to immortalize their wedding in last August. As Clementine reminded me, it was hot! Well, like that, we can say that we have done both extremes! So here I am on the plane to Iceland! FINALLY! Yes, because I must tell you this story, this cursed story I have with Iceland. After two opportunities to go there personally that fall into the water, I am pleased, two years ago, to go and do a session commitment. And now this damn volcano decides to wake up.
Well, I’m not losing hope!
Other lovers dream of this place for their couple meeting, but now the sad attacks arrive in France. Then holidays that are not accepted …
I keep faith, until finally do not believe too much, because to leave my lovers fond memories in the magical landscapes of Iceland is no longer a dream, but a fantasy!
And here is Clémentine and Damien, with whom we have already experienced a crazy adventure to prepare their big day, which offers us this destination to close the photographic part of their adventure with us.
I do not ignite! As long as I do not have a foot in Reykjavik, I will not believe it!
Well, here it is, the foot in Reykjavik, here it is the Siberian cold, sticking it under the pants, the 4 layers of sweater, the two pairs of gloves, the cap under two hoods, and the scarf rolled three times!
But there is also Iceland, with its snowy mantle in the morning, and its blazing sun in the afternoon! These endless roads, this flora never seen elsewhere (we walked on tricks really bizarre!).
And here they are, the photos of my lovers!
I am delighted, happy, so happy to have experienced this discovery with these two! A human adventure, as always, because to seek the aurora borealis in the cold, it brings closer!
We returned empty-handed this time, but I do not lose hope, I go back with two lovers in a month!

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