WEDDING - BELGIQUE, Château du Bois d'Arlon

When Emilie walked down the aisle, when her darling try to hold her tears in vain, it was all the guests and we with whom we were immersed in their story. And for their wedding, even the sun was at the rendezvous. A secular ceremony worthy of the greatest films, discourse between tears and laughter, sublime married couples, adorable guests …

When your lovers answer you without hesitation that yes, of course, I can come with my videaste to film me working on their marriage, that they foresee a meal, that the first sentence of my bride is « How glad I am to see you!  « I do not want you to go! », The road back is a long nostalgic journey where the phrase repeated in a loop becomes « I would like weddings like that every Saturday! »

Congratulations to all the team present, the animation by Jean-Louis Déom who always reinforces us in the choice of the adviser in love, the box of flowers that illuminated the ceremony of rose and a decoration of magic room, and The team of the château du bois d’arlon, a place that remains dear to my heart and where it is always a pleasure to come and work!

Well, we’re putting that on Saturday?

mariage chateau arlon