It is a beautiful story that this session … Just my first meeting with Mara is one, already years ago, on a « you come when you want to Monaco, you sleep at home! » Until a « I get married and I want you to make my photos! ». And this original Lorraine who found her darling in Pierre Frolla at the other end of the country had her dream wedding, which resembled them (simple and fun, under water, among others!). And I already engaged with other lovers, a thought for had sat me all day!
But promise is made, the wedding gift, it will be a beautiful session for them who, in the end, preferred not to take a photographer (despite my protests!).
And it took me two years to realize this session at sunrise, or I finally discover her in her dress (but WOW !!) and her darling in her costume, as beautiful as James Bond!
It is now an impression to have made my little contribution to their memories, for life, for generations to come!
And maybe other sessions to come, because Monaco remains a city dear to my heart!

wedding mariage monaco montecarlo photograph