WEDDING SESSION - NORWAY, Preikestolen & Else

My lovers are crazy, it’s been proven! But these two have set a very high bar must admit! Up at 4 am to catch our flight, and after a stop in Amsterdam, here we are in Stavanger. Already chaining giggles, here we embarked on the ferry with the rental car to reach the charming village of Pulpit Rock. And here first mission, find headlamps … Because yes, these two lovers have a mad desire; make up and wedding images of famous rock in the area!
Being myself as crazy as them, we enjoy the evening on the spot for a few pictures at the port and dingoes to our hotel.
And the next day it’s gone, standing 3am, and we are in the night hiker holding walking the trails of the forest!
WE DID IT! And we are proud! Because after two hours of steps and 800 vertical meters, the adventure is far from over!
Indeed, there, the wind blows at gale and Amandine how to turn into ice waiting for the sunrise! But « not afraid », she clings, and here we are with just magical images!
We thought we had done with the madness, but it’s wrong to know us! After a ferry back to the city, the facility in the hotel and a trip to Starbucks, we return to the beach to enjoy a lie simply amazing sun! And no regrets!
The next day, another heaven awaits us, very typical, to welcome us to FarFjord (no, no one knows, and no one goes … except us!) Where we find a small family of swans, slightly aggressive, and which for the record, are about to come and attack me on the last image below!
In short, even an adventure, perhaps a small level above, it must be admitted, but by dint of telling our love that we are ready to do anything to their images, they end up not take our word for it! I just love it!

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