WEDDING SESSION - France, Saint Malo


With this session "trash the dress", we have done two birds with one stone: having the happiness to wear a new wedding dress and costume, but also to discover a part of a beautiful region of France: Brittany.

With Maddy, our shock photographer, we crisscrossed the Emerald Coast. Maddy has unparalleled eyes to spot the places where the clichés will be beautiful, where the light will be the most beautiful.

Fields of flowers at 18 o'clock in the evening at the edge of beach at 7 o'clock in the morning while skirting the ramparts of Saint-Malo, everything was reunited for a successful session! Not to mention our photographer, who was able to relax, accompany us and support us. The session was held in a good-natured atmosphere.

So much so that we would like to start the adventure with Maddy again!

From this session, now remain superb photos, showcasing our love, in a breathtaking setting.

Congratulations Maddy for your work and a thousand thanks!

Sarah and Pierre-Jean

mariage saint malo photographe