WEDDING - BELGIQUE- Château du Bois d'Arlon

I think that during our first meeting at our studio, it was a blow of heart in the first five minutes. They were looking for a photographer for their wedding, I offered them a whole team of crazy investment. And a few months later, I meet MC ANIM, Laurence Goldsmith, Jay Witlox, in the Château du bois d'arlon. A perfect sun, neither too cold nor too hot, a sublime ceremony, many, many emotions, and a memory that will remain … In fact no, there are dozens …. But the smile of Steve, Totally addicted to love, made me warm in the heart … So when he organized with Jay, the magician, a magic trick during which he makes appear a mini, wedding gift for his darling, is Just the icing on the cake of a day where everyone gave everything.
Check out, happy lovers, photos that I hope reflect their happiness, and a little glimpse before they come to discover the entirety! Next step, bring all this together in a beautiful album at the height of this day, perhaps around a good glass of wine, because we are like this!

mariage wedding château bois arlon