Their marriage took place several months ago. And for the small anecdote, these lovers have chosen their wedding date according to our availabilities. And it has been a stunning time, as much for their engagement, as for their marriage or trash the dress in Portugal, in the beautiful city of Porto and the little childhood village of our pretty bride. .
Reunion at the airport, my little Elodie stressed, and I, as always, all relaxed! Hop, here we are rolling in the streets of Porto in the Nissan Juke yellow chick, find the accommodation of our lovers and jump in their outfits of married! Direction this incredible bridge, endless, multi-storey and giving a view to fall on the city.
Finally, my little Elodie is breathing and having fun! We find ourselves in the metro in bridal wear, then in the restaurant (the best sushi in my life, what an irony!)
And inevitably, we discuss until no time! But the next day, standing at dawn to go to the little childhood village of our beautiful, and there, a whole bunch of emotions reappears on seeing his grandfather’s house …
A magical light, adorable lovers, a trip that will remain in our memories … A beautiful recipe for a successful session!

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