ENGAGEMENT - Next to the sea around the French Riviera

It's been several years since I enjoyed following Maddy's publications and I must say that these pictures make me dream.

As a photographer, I also had the chance to meet her during a sublime training session where I learned to discover her ... her charisma ... her good humor and her generosity.

The photos of Maddy always have for me something more, this little thing that makes them strong and exceptional ... So when I wanted to perform a couple session with my companion, I necessarily turned to the photographer who makes me dream ... Maddy.

I know that doing a report for a colleague is not easy, but Maddy has taken up the challenge hands down and the result is beyond my expectations.

We can not say enough how important it is to immortalize these moments of life. Today these photos have for me an invaluable value ...

Thank you Maddy, for what you are, what you give, what you reveal about us

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