Venice and I, it’s a long story! Five years ago, it was the first time I travel here for a workshop. During a session with models, I suddenly toke a few minutes to realize the chance I had being here, and how wonderful it was to travel for my job. And it was like an evidence than I had to work on that direction. I did my best to learn english by myself, I organized sessions in Barcelona and Ireland, and step by step, I developed my brand as a destination photographer. I went back to Venice several times, for sessions, for weddings and for clients. And I don’t know why, but in March, I felt I had to go back over there. To see Venice differently. To discover the luxury part of it, the elegant part of it. I asked to these two futurs bride and groom if they was interested to join me for a session (they are going to get married in September in Belgium), and it was a perfect timing or them, to take the time to breathe and spend time together. So we organized this session, with my film camera, with another eye on this city. And something magic happened… I discovered another part of Venice, far away from the tourist part, and I fell in love. Now it’s an evidence for me than I want to develop my brand here, to immortalize more weddings in Venice, and for sure it’s for me a beautiful love story between this city and me…

DRESS: Christophe Alexandre Docquin
Pretty Flowers

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