Their marriage is soon, is is a symbol for them to realize their engagement session in Portugal! Directly the family home to find my two lovers, and a beautiful story especially between us! And yes, five years ago, when I was starting in my living room, Julie was already there8 And God knows that I remember that session where we had already had a great time! Five years later, how not to be touched when she remembers me to immortalize her marriage! Here we are in the sun of Portugal, and in the direction of Bom Jesus, this simply surreal forest, worthy of the greatest fantastic films (a mixture between The Lord of the Rings, the green mountains of the Queen of Snows, and Once Upon a Time!). We pace the golden alleys by the sun, between bursts of laughter and magical places, and it is above all a nice moment and accomplice with our lovers (of the importance of this session!). After an evening laughing, to be afraid by making me discover this ghostly road where the car goes by itself (if, promised, scary!), We wake up at dawn, direction the beach and the beautiful colors of the survey of Sun!. Still beautiful images all sweet, to the height of their love, and we finish the morning in the sun of a terrace in the middle of March, to enjoy the sun before resume the plane.
Definitely, it is moments like these that make my job formidable, full of adventures, memories for them as for me! Vive the continuation of our adventure, strongly their viewing, strongly their marriage … Vive!

engagement session portugal