It is a small corner of paradise that Santorini, a small Greek island planted on its rock with a breathtaking view of the sea. So I join my beautiful couple to make their wedding photo, after a journey a little endless (yes, Santorini , it is deserved). Despite being very very very touristy, we decided to start our adventure at 45 minutes from Oïa, on a haunting black sand beach. Conclusion: the pebbles, it hurts the feet.
After a little nap deserved, we hope to discover the sunset, but it is lost! Hundreds of tourists hang around the city to discover these magnificent colors.
No matter, we are the strongest and we will still have these colors! Just get away a bit, and we have on top of that a breathtaking view of the city.
The alarm clock at 3 o’clock in the morning ticks a little, to take the taxi, take the first plane, then the second, then the car to finally arrive at the house and discover our images ….

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