Definitely, I love this city! And I was looking forward to returning, to find my lovers! In the road from the airport, we look on Google Image a small village close to there, until you have the love at first sight for a magical place!
It’s good, the program is done, we go to the sandstone of the sun and start our session!
Magical and surreal places at the beach under the sunset worthy of a film … Test a new goal of which I am a fan!
A small restaurant in the streets of Lisbon in the evening, but we go to bed early, because with the summer that arrives, the sunrise is getting earlier and earlier! And it stings a bit when you find yourself on the trading place the next day, but the colors and lights are beautiful! My gorgeous bride put on her dress in the town, and we leave in the little sublime streets of the city (the heels of Jimmy Choo and the cobblestones were an adventure, but they have admitted that she managed! Bravo Stephanie !!)
Of course, breakfast tasting the local specialties (if I stay here a week, I take 20 kilos!) And already my lovers take me to the station … With a big hug and a big encouragement for my pretty bride Who is awaiting the results of his examination, and afterwards we know the verdict; She managed it !!!! Bravo my pretty, you’re the best !!!!

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