WEDDING - LUXEMBOURG, Château d'Urspelt

If one thing is certain, it’s because I did not expect that. I have already had the chance to photograph several marriages at the magnificent Chateau D’Urspelt in the North of Luxembourg, and yet I have seen. But here, it must be said that Letizia and Davide have set the bar high. They, or / and their guests? …
After a commitment session in Rome last year of which we are particularly proud, I find my lovers this morning, my bride relaxed and smiling. Preparations take place in a good mood and fun, and the day goes on, until, as tradition demands, the bride’s mother goes back to put on the dress with all the Italian family present (and I confirm , The Italians, we hear them, what atmosphere, nothing but preparations!).
But the best was yet to come, and directed the Church. As always, I go to see the officiant to ask him for his possible restrictions, and while he gives me carte blanche, he mentions that he will have two children of honor. Is.
I do not notice more than that, until I see the children of honor in question who are none other than … Two friends of the grooms disguised. Let’s just say that it was about there that the tone of the marriage was given …
And between surprise, bursts of laughter, and atmosphere of madness, we had not yet arrived at the castle that clearly I could announce never to have seen it!
And I did not know yet what was waiting for me … I had to lose a few pounds (let’s be optimistic) trying to make pictures in this evening of madness, so much the guests were totally inhabited by the party. Jumping on the back of each other, catching pieces of the castle’s decor, making battles but above all, doing everything to please the bride and groom … No word will tell us what we experienced that evening, and how It made us warm in the heart.
But a sentence from my assistant sums up the idea: « Is it really possible to have so many real friends ?! » It would seem good, because the 150 people who were there gave everything for our lovers, and clearly two more with us!

mariage château urspelt luxembourg