Something special always happens in Venice. The colors are magic, the backgrounds are amazing, the water, the atmosphere… As an artist, I’m not proud of my work the most of time. You know what I mean, I always want to correct something, I think that the light could be better, that and this…
But in Venice, I love my pictures. And this wedding session is the same (and God knows it was an adventure!). And you know what? I’m looking for an apartment over there, I’d love to live a part of the year over there!
So, I’m glad to share with you the first part of this session with you, the digital part, before receiving the film part of it, but I’m already in love with it, and you?


MUHA: Jamie Da Luz
DRESS: Christophe Alexandre Docquin
BRIDE & GROOM: My & Dominique

venice wedding photographer