06.22.19 | PARIS, Château de vallery




06.25.19 | PARIS, ritz

We all have a favorite place, like home, when you are a traveler. In Paris, i have my own habits, and one of them is to go to the Ritz. Sometimes only for a cocktail or a sweet moment,
but it’s my place-to-be during my trips in Paris for weddings.
More? Yes, I’m, in love with the Ritz Boutique, so many adorable things to discover!



10.17.19 | DUBAï, QASR AL SULTAN

Our vision was born as a result of creatives from different regions who met in Dubai to create a location-inspired story. When Maddy Christina and The Purple Chair …



03.22.19 | VENICE, aman hotel

Venice and I, it’s a long story! Five years ago, it was the first time I travel here for a workshop. During a session with models, I suddenly toke a few minutes to realize the chance…



05.20.19 | PARIS

I LOVE how everything is perfectly coherent, from the hairstyle to the dress, from the car to the bouquet. I’d love organizing that kind of personalized session for my brides, dont you think it could be interesting?